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Wedding Post | Wedding News e-Paper (English)

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    • Unique and creative impression on your guests
    • Digital Product | PDF Printable
    • Newspaper Theme Designer Pages
    • 1 pages included (Extra 2499/- per page)

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Wedding news e-papers allow you to personalize the content, including stories about how you met, details about the wedding venue, and other relevant information. This adds a unique and personal touch to your wedding itinerary.
Comprehensive Information: Unlike traditional wedding programs, e-Nyouta newspaper provide more space for detailed information. You can include not only the order of events but also background stories, fun facts, and photos, making it a comprehensive guide for your guests. Choose your own heading like Wedding Today, Wedding News, Wedding Times, Wedding Post etc.
Engagement and Interaction: Wedding newspapers are engaging and interactive for guests. They can read through the content, learn more about the couple and the wedding, and even participate in activities like crossword puzzles or coloring and other games to the event.
Memorable Keepsake: A wedding newspaper serves as a memorable keepsake for both the couple and the guests. It captures the essence of the wedding day in a tangible and unique format that can be cherished for years to come.
Creative Expression: e-Nyouta Designing a wedding newspaper allows for creative expression. You can choose own heading, layouts, and graphics that reflect your personalities and wedding theme, making it a fun project to work on together.
Incorporating a wedding newspaper into your wedding itinerary adds a personal, engaging, and memorable touch to your special day.

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